air vuisa
av-aCRO Harness

Some things you can not accept! 

We where flying the legendary AVA Sport ACRO Harness for many many years, learned all maneuvers with it and have always been surprised about its extreme durabilitiy and very agile handling. So it was a big bummer as we have been told that AVA Sport closed their business for good and will not produce our beloved harness anymore.

So we did what has to be done… we built our own ACRO Harness!


Our new AIR VUISA – ACRO harness was designed to give you the maximum of weightshift capeabilities, but not as much as the AVA Sport. We reduced the agility by arround 5{f3d93b617c14b1e9d07d7b77921f2d911bcb0dccee3ee461f040ed1916547fb7} so that you don´t have the feeling of sitting “on” a ball anymore, rather than sitting in it´s center of gravity.



Ower new ACRO harness aims at pilots that want to get involved in aerobatic paragliding and fly either an overloaded EN-B wing, a freestyle wing or also a “not to small” ACRO wing. Especially for pilots with bigger wings it´s important to have a maximum of agility in the harness, as their wing is barely agil.

Therefore we can barely understand that some “new” ACRO Harnesses on the market do not allow a lot of weightshift and basically strap down the pilot in it´s chair. This might be good for professional pilots, flying radical wings that do anything you want by pulling 5cm of break, but not for beginners that want to learn helicopters or mac twists and need a good amount of weightschift for learning how to adjust the maneuver.


To promote our new product and spread the word, we decided to hand out several harnesses for a very low price. Our goal is to grow on the market and to get out as much harnesses as possible in the beginning, so that YOU can allow yourselfe to be convinced about the quality of our harness and also to fall in love with it´s legendary weigthshift capeabilities!


Say no more…

Our AIR VUISA – ACRO harness is made to last, and to survive whatever you migth survive! The hangpoints and inner structure on this harness has doubble the thickness of most other harnesses on the market. At the bottom we are using the extremely rigid cordura 1000 so that the harness will lough at every “ass landing” you will have. The AV – ACRO harness is porobably the most resistable you will ever see and if you want, you can fly it till the end of your days – the harness won´t give up on you, that´s for sure!



The new AIR VUISA – ACRO harness of cause has 2 seperate rescue compartments that are orientated in the center of the harness, so that also rescues with different weigths do not make your weightschift “asymetric”. On the right handle, you´ll find a bigger compartment that lets you store also a bigger rogallo rescue, while the handle on the right leads to a smaller one for normal reserve parachutes.


For now we can only supply you with one size that we would define as L. It perfectly fitts pilots from 175 cm to 190 cm.


ONLY € 790,-

Shipping worldwide!

Any questions? Just contact us!