Learning ACRO paragliding is difficult sometimes… 

NO not just the flying itselfe, but getting to your favourite training spot can be pretty time consuming, so you should take the most out of every training flight.

Analysing your flights is an essential part of your training process and you can be sure, that also all other good ACRO pilots use a GoPro or an Insta360 to get their timing on track or clean up their maneuvers. Till now, all of this solutions, where and how to mount your action cam while flying, have been DIY-solutions as we know from our own experiance.

That´s over now as we want to introduce the first real professional GoPro / Insta360 knee mount for paragliding to you!


As we´ve done to many DIY GoPro mounts ourselves we decided that it´s time to produce SOMETHING SERIOUS!

Something that does not slide down your leg while running,

something that does not get loose during infinity tumbling,

something that is easy to put on and does not hurt in any position,

something that has little chance to catch a line when falling through them 😉


The Action Cam Knee Mount is produced of highest quality Nylon PA12 material that is extremely resistant against abrasion while also being very flexible, so it won´t break even if you bend it in the worst kind of way.

Our elastic Nylon construction is then covered in finest Lycra and Mesh for maximum comfort while wearing. The elastic leg straps make sure that you never have to worry about your leg beeing pinched off.

GoPro or INSTa360?

Don´t worrie, our Action Cam Knee Mount accomodates all standard attachments from GoPro and aftermarket sockets for Insta360 as shown here.


Here you can choose between our “standard” and “360” version.

The 360° version is optimized for recording your paragliding flights with GoPro Max, GoPro Max 2, Insta360 X2 and Insta360 X3. Hereby we focused our construction on maximum stability when attaching you action cam to the Knee Mount.

On the other hand we´ll also provide you with a “standard” version that is capeable of tilting back your standard action camera 17° for putting you and your glider in the perfect frame while filming.


ONLY € 85,-

Shipping costs:

Austria = € 5,-

Europe = € 15,-

USA = € 25,-

Worldwide = just ask us 😉